Alvaro Morata – top scorer at the youth Euro 2011

Alvaro Morata

Youth team tournaments always attract the attention of scouts and fans. European Under-19 Championship is no exception. By the way, it is easy to find out soccer live scores of such matches on the sports statistics website.

There was another such tournament in 2011. The winner was the Spanish team. Alvaro Morata was one of the main stars in that team. He won the tournament’s top scorer prize. He had six accurate shots on his account.

Morata, who was only 18 at the time, managed to demonstrate his cold-bloodedness in the realization of the decisive moments. Thanks to this, Alvaro left no chance for the defense and the goalkeeper. The most important thing is that his effectiveness allowed the team to win an honorable award. It is easy to follow the live scores of all soccer matches involving the Spanish team even today on the proven statistical platform.

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Later on, Morata played well for the national team. Although he did not win trophies with it, but he was an important player. As part of the team, he appeared at the World Cup and European Championships.

What helped the forward win the scoring race?

Morata played in a team that practiced bright and attacking soccer. Therefore, the forward had several chances to show his skills in each meeting. By the way, if you missed the football results yesterday with the Spanish, then look for relevant data on the sports statistics website. 

At that tournament, Alvaro was effective at every stage. So, he scored four goals in the group stage and two more in the playoffs. Yes, Morata did not distinguish himself in the decisive match, but it did not prevent his team from winning the coveted trophy. 

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He was able to win the title of the best scorer of the competition due to:

  1. A good game on the “second floor”. At the tournament, Alvaro scored several goals after receiving passes from his teammates.
  2. His chemistry with other players. The Spaniards had a great squad at that time. Morata interacted well with Alex Fernandez, Pablo Sarabia, Paco Alcácer and other partners. Thanks to this, the Spaniards scored a lot in that tournament.
  3. Stamina and involvement in all the episodes. Alvaro regularly looked for the moments to hit. This allowed him to score a lot of goals.

That tournament was a true benefit for Morata. He had been in the “Real Madrid” system even before that, and after the tournament, he began to get more game practice. By the way, if you missed the results football matches involving “Real Madrid”, which were held yesterday or earlier, then look for relevant information on the verified platform.

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In this way, the 2011 European Youth Championship was the most successful for Morata. It was a tournament where he managed to declare himself to the entire soccer world.

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