How An Outstanding Tutor Support His/her Pupil’s Mental Health

Mental Health

Doesn’t matter how much technology has taken over teaching, a tutor is always needed and the tutor must be well qualified and experienced in training then only educational institutions give chances to them to teach. In outstanding tutoring it is necessary that the tutor must be very good at communicating and making connections with the students without any problem. It is so because kids and students don’t have enough experience to express themselves. As today new tools like school LMS, are helping school administrations to run a balanced teaching-learning process but here also school LMS takes help of tutors to guide the students. Now a good teacher needs to be an effortful guide to students by being empathetic towards them. If a tutor won’t show empathy, then students won’t be able to expect such good behavior in the name of education and knowledge from anyone. An outstanding tutor listens to the children very deeply and with full concentration because he or she believes that listening to the kids makes the way to enter their mind and heart which helps the tutor to understand the psychological alignment of the students and he or she teaches accordingly. 

An outstanding tutor believes in collaboration in teaching and learning process instead of making the class tutor centered. In this collaboration tutor needs to fulfill many roles for the betterment of the students like he needs to be the guide, he needs to be the peer and he needs to be examiner also so that improvement, relaxation and performance all these three essential things can be provided to the students which he or she needs during the academic performance. For example, if a student wants to know about LMS full form then due to the friendly nature of the tutor student should not hesitate to ask any details related to LMS full form. Outstanding tutors need to be adaptable according to the situation where they can evolve in any condition while teaching and should complete the academic responsibilities. For example, earlier tutors used to teach the class in traditional method where they used to use black board and teach the students but nowadays the technology has taken over all the sectors then students also opted online then only those outstanding tutors could survive who were adaptable with technology and still, they are teaching the students just medium has changed. Outstanding tutors not only teach the books of courses and syllabus to the students but also, they share valuable experiences to the students due to which students come to know about the use of theory they read in the class in the outside practical world. Apart from this the most important thing which an outstanding tutor follows and makes his or her students follow is that one should be a learner for the lifetime then only he or she can sustain in this world.

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There is a lot that tutors can do to support the mental health of students and kids. They can encourage their kids to perform random acts of kindness because it beings’ self-satisfaction to the mind and it soothes the heart too. Following it students and kids can bake cookies for neighbors, donate their old books and toys to needy kids, wish birthday to their hard-working tutor or even peon of school, feeding water to birds in summer season, help their friend to overcome any sad situation etc. This activity not only improves the mental health of children but also spreads a message of kindness to everyone. Whenever the mind is filled with stress then it needs to be ventilated somehow to relax the mind and mental status and regarding these physical activities are the best ways. It is found in many studies that young people who are regular in physical activities and exercises can be found to be very healthy and have very low levels of depression, anxiety and stress. They have higher levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, light mood, and satisfaction with their life. Exercises boost up mood and positivity in the body and mind. 

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There should be a habit of family dinners in families where kids can get company of adults and enjoy dinner with the whole family. This brings a feeling of togetherness at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter whatever happened the whole day. Such an open communication with family decreases stress as well as kids getting solutions to their issues. Most importantly, to support the mental status of kids’ tutors should suggest that parents make sure that kids should get an ample amount of sleep of 7-8 hours a day on a regular basis. Most importantly to get their minds into line with some innovative things so as to escape stress and depression, tutors should make the students and kids follow their passion. When kids are busy with hobbies which brings joy to their mental status then they perform well in their academics too. Following the above enumerated ways tutors can contribute a lot to keep the mental health of kids and students fit and fine always. 

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