Reviewing One Day Cricket

one day cricket

Cricket doesn’t have a unique set of rules. Depending on them it is possible to play it in one or multiple days. With limited or unlimited overs, among many other variations in their rules. At – bet online now, regardless of the rules of this kind of sport. This kind of cricket, which is also known as limited overs cricket, has several sub-types, which include things like:

  • List A games;
  • Twenty20 games;
  • and 100-ball games.

This creates lots of differences with Test-matches. The most important aspect on which these kinds of cricket differ is on the duration of the match. In general, Test-matches are spread across many days. One-day cricket has the advantage of offering highly exciting games that end in a reasonable amount of time. This also leads to more risky and exciting strategies. These tactics have been applied in many matches, which exist to bet online now at 1xBet, where each team has delivered epic performances.

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Structure of the game

The main aspect on which One-day games and other and longer forms of cricket differ, is the batting opportunities. This is, of course, besides the duration of the game. In one-day matches, each squad can bat only once. This means that these contests, featured at – cricket betting online, have only two innings.

However, each of those innings can be further subdivided in overs. The number of overs varies across different variations of the games. Some organizations have also decided to change the number of overs throughout the years. Right now, One-day games feature 50 overs. For those who might not know, an over consist of six valid balls. This is where players, who are closely followed by those who visit online cricket betting at 1xBet, show their true talent.

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History of One Day Cricket

It is widely accepted that India hosted the first One-day official cricket competitions. This happened back in 1951. From that moment on, it spread all across the world. This expansion made this variation of the game, available at, one of the most popular ones.

The first time that an official cricket championship of this format was played in England was in 1962. This instance was highly popular, and the general public seemed to be quite interested in this form of fast-paced game. Back then, organizers of cricket competitions were worried about declining numbers of spectators.
In fact, this kind of cricket grew so much that the organizers of the Cricket World Cups have chosen this format. Many other kinds, all of which are featured at 1xBet, have been born from this core idea of reducing the time of the game, such as T10 or 100-ball cricket.

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one day cricket
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