Best Cricket Bookie in India

cricket bookie

Betting can’t be possible without the involvement of a few key players. The bookers play with the emotions of the people and punters. Conceptually, this is the same way a market maker operates in a financial market like the stock market.

Indian Bookmaker Market Overview

In India, people are eager to make money through online cricket bookmakers rather than going to offline casinos or offline bookmakers. And there are several reasons for it. The first one is the specifics of Indian legislation for gambling in India. In India, during Britain’s imperial rule it was very strictly regulated and banned Gambling of all kinds to keep Indians away from raising money on gambling. However, online gambling is outside of law regulation because no updates were introduced to the Indian Gambling Law in the past. 

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There is no precise statement stating that the use of Online gambling games is illegal in India. This indicates that there is no prohibition of online gambling goes in India. On the other hand, if observed keenly, online gambling games do not harm anyone because of one person getting involved. There is no reason to charge an application over the person who plays online casinos or any other online gambling and betting games.

Cricket Betting: Main Benefits 

The game of Cricket is a sport of choice and passion. To understand Cricket fully takes a lifetime. The complexity of the game intertwines itself with aspects of life and culture in the countries where it is played. Passionate cricket fans do know the game, the mighty legends of this game, and the records set by them. Here are the main pros of the cricket game: 

  • Unlike football, Cricket is a game of stop and start. After every ball, batsman, fielder, and bowler get equal opportunity to do better or correct the mistake. This increases the chance of a bookie to set the right bet. 
  • High in predictions. Cricket has a quite long and complicated history since it was introduced in India. If you want to enhance your skills in cricket predictions, you’re welcomed to watch previous and most successful matches which took place on the biggest sports event in India called Indian Premier League. While watching top Indian cricket matches you’ll be able to notice some coincidences during the game and, subsequently, raise your chances of making correct predictions for future games. 
  • Captains have a bigger role to play in cricket. Analyzing the playing style of your most preferred captain gives you the possibility to anticipate the final result of the cricket play. Unlike other Sports.
  • Test match format of Cricket allows you to draw the game just by playing out time. 
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Best cricket bookie in India

There are so many cricket bookies that let you place your money/bets on Cricket. These are the top 3 cricket bookies in the Indian market to place your bet: 


Bet365 is one of the world’s leading cricket bookmakers that is offering in-play betting. You can place your bets throughout the match.


Betfair app pleases with its speed, plus it sends notifications about promotions and makes it possible to place a bet anytime, anywhere. 


Betway offers its users an excellent Android application. Here you can bet both on the IPL and other cricket tournaments – the bookmaker has a wide range of markets.

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