What Is the Easiest Format of Cricket to Bet on Profitably?

best cricket betting tips

The game of cricket has rejuvenated in various formats over the years. With widespread legalization and social acceptance of sports betting, cricket provides an excellent betting option to the fans living in those regions where the game is popular. However, before we dive deep into cricket betting, it is necessary to know how the different formats of the game work.

The Three Formats of the Game

Cricket is traditionally played over a span of 5 days and two innings each, popularly known as test cricket nowadays. Test cricket involves a red ball that gives a tough test to the batsmen for its unpredictable swing and spin. This format is more like a game of patience and endurance rather than a competition of scoring quick runs. There is no over limit, one can bat if he wants without losing his wicket.

One Day International (ODI) is a relatively newer format of the game, first played in 1971. The first team gets the chance to bat for 50 overs and score as many runs as they can, followed by the second team that must chase the target. ODI matches are played using a white ball and require less endurance, but more power-hitting as compared to test matches.

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T20I is the latest format of the game developed less than two decades ago. It’s just like ODIs, except there are 20 overs instead of 50. T20Is typically feature strong hitting as increasing the score becomes the sole target of the batters.

How Does Cricket Betting Work?

The game of cricket provides you with a handful of options to bet on profitably. There are opportunities for the high rollers who like to wager big and risky while there are micro-betting opportunities as well where you play small and earn small. 

Betting odds are primarily calculated by two methods – decimal or fractional. For example, an odd of 5.00 in the decimal method means you earn $5 for every $1 you invest. While a fractional odd of 5/2 means you earn $5 for every $2 you invest. Odds vary depending on the sites and are quite simple once understood.

The three major kinds of bets accepted in cricket are Match/Series bets, Player bets, and Proposition bets. 

  • Match Bets – You get to bet on the match winner, series/tournament winner, innings and match score, total series score, and tied matches. 
  • Player Bets – You bet on the individual performances of the players, like the best batsman, the best bowler, the man of the match, and others.
  • Proposition Bets – Proposition bets are accepted on aspects like over/under runs, odd/even runs, method of dismissal, and toss winner.
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You can also make your best XI before the match which includes players from both sides, whose performances determine your wins or losses.

What Is the Best Format to Bet On?

As we have already mentioned, a test match is continued for five days while ODIs and T20I are covered in one. Test matches require an effort from the entire team, while a single player or two can change the momentum of an ODI or T20I. Also, a test match stays quite unpredictable till day two or three and becomes too predictable in the last two days. On the other hand, it is a common saying that the tables can turn till the last ball in an ODI or T20 game. 

According to Cricket Betting Man, a major reason to choose white ball cricket over test matches to wager on is the time span of the game. Besides continuing for five days, test matches are organized quite infrequently as compared to ODIs or T20Is. A test series of five matches take more than a month, which is quite like an ODI or T20I of 50+ matches. Domestic leagues like IPL are a popular destination for cricket bettors not just because of their flamboyant nature but also for the large number of matches played in a short span of time, which leaves the bettors with multiple opportunities to bet on.

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And the availability of more games in T20Is makes them more popular than ODIs by the same equation. T20Is come up with both high-risk high-reward, and micro-betting opportunities, and it’s in your hand to choose your type. 

Prior Research Is a Must in Cricket Betting

As it stands, T20Is are better destinations for punters when it comes to winning money. However, your awareness of the game, like the weather and pitch conditions, player forms, and details of the venue play a factor in deciding your luck. So, find the site of your choice and place the bet, but not without proper groundwork.

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