Everything You Need To Know About ICC Test Championship

ICC Test Championship

Since the Champions Trophy got scrapped in 2019, the ICC Test Championship has been founded in 2019 as a replacement. This is considered one of the top events for betting enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a good selection of cricket matches, you can make use of our betting platform. The new goal has been introduced to increase the interest of the audiences. Overall, nine teams play a total of 69 games.

What Is The WTC Schedule?

The first season of the ICC World Test Championship started in August 2019 and ended in June 2021. The finals took place in England since the tournament started here. There have been some adjustments in the ICC World Test Championship schedule, which is why some matches were postponed or dismissed.

The Points Table

When you take a look at the ICC World Test Championship points table, you will see that it has been quite eventful. India tops the list with 11 wins out of 17 matches. The next in line is England and New Zealand. Unfortunately, Australia moved on to the third spot in the ICC World Test Championship table.

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Rules Of The Points: Edition I

When you take a look at the points, you will notice that the scheme is quite fair and simple. The series will have the same number of points. For two matches in a series, each will be awarded 60 points. The total amount of points will be counted for the victory.

Rules Of The Points: Edition II

As for the next cycle (2021-2023), winning each game will provide 12 points. This means that a five-match series will have 60 points. According to the new rules, you will be able to compare the percentage of the points to compare each team in different stages.

Best WTC Teams

Some of the best WTC teams include:

  • New Zealand: New Zealand is considered one of the top test teams for more than 90 years. The team has been given the famous Black Caps in 1998. Today, the team is being coached by Gary Stead. As of now, New Zealand has won more than 524 matches out of the 1,360 games played.
  • India: Another prominent cricket team today is India, also known as the Men in Blue. The team is currently being coached by Ravi Shastri. The team has won accolades in cricket and continues to set new records.
  • Australia: Australia is one of the top teams in cricket. The team is known to reach the ICC World Test Championship final more than any other team. It is currently being coached by Justin Langer.
  • England: England has been playing test cricket since 1877, which makes it one of the most dominant teams in this format. Coached by Joe Root, England is one of the top teams today and has played more than 1000 matches and reached several 2019–2021 ICC World Test Championship final matches.
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How To Bet On WTC?

Betting on WTC is very easy. You will find all the legendary players grouped in a single squad for each country. This ensures that there is excitement in the game. Most bookmaking platforms provide the odds at the beginning of the tournament. You simply need to choose the odds on the site and check your available options.


Some common FAQs include:

World Test Championship: What is It?

The WTC is a tournament between nine national teams. There is a total of 69 matches that takes place over two years.

What Are The Edition I Prizes?

New Zealand was on the top of the ICC World Test Championship winners list of the first edition. In the same edition, India came second.

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When Can You Start Betting For A New Edition?

You can start placing your bets for the 2021-2023 season from August 2021 onwards. This is when the tournament starts.

Final Thoughts

Overall, WTC matches are fantastic. There are a lot of games where you can place your bets. All you need to have is some knowledge about the game and the ICC World Test Championship schedule 2021 and you can start betting soon.

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