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If you don’t want to miss out on anything important in the world of sport, you should go to the statistics website. Here you can watch live football today and always stay up to date with the latest news. In the summer changes are happening in many clubs, and the representatives of Ligue 1 are no exception.

So, at the beginning of summer, “Montpellier” introduced a new coach. It was Olivier Dall’Oglio. Previously, he was known to fans from his work with “Brest”.

Last season, “Montpellier” finished in eighth position in the standings. For sure, the team management is counting on the experienced specialist to help bring the team to a qualitatively new level. Now its main goal is to break into the European competitions. Watch live football on the site of sports statistics and already today you can find out how this team can really compete for high positions. 

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So far, all that can be said is that “Montpellier” needs not only to change the trainer, but also to strengthen the squad. At least 2-3 positions must be strengthened. There is still enough time before the transfer window closes. If the teams manage to sign a few players, it may well perform successfully.

Teams’ position in the table Ligue 1

The competition in the French league has become noticeably more serious. Therefore, the table Ligue 1 will change after almost every round played. You can always watch the current trend on the sports statistics website. Here you can also check the detailed upcoming calendar. 

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As for Montpellier’s prospects to fight for a place in the European Cup zone, there are definitely chances. Talking about the strengths of this team, it can be noted:

  1. Starting lineup. Many players play together for several years. They know well the capabilities of their partners, which should help them achieve the desired result.
  2. Individual skill of the main stars of the team, who sometimes can even single-handedly decide the outcome of any confrontation in favor of “Montpellier”.
  3. The progress of many talented young players, who in the last 1-2 seasons managed to reach a new level.

You can always follow which position the club will take in Ligue 1 and how its position in the table will change, on the sports statistics website. This is a trusted resource, where you can find the latest data and the latest news.

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It has a user-friendly interface, so you only need to make a couple of clicks and the latest relevant information will be at your fingertips.

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