Tips for Class 10 Hindi Grammar

class 10 hindi

For studying Hindi grammar, first of all, students need to make a proper strategy for revising every important topic and go through all the less important topics for scoring well in the examination. It is recommended to solve and practice all the previous years’ questions papers and mock tests papers for scoring well and getting an idea about the same. CBSE Board Class 10 consists of two types of Hindi paper. Hindi A and Hindi B Papers are set both in different patterns. Collect information regarding the type, format, and weightage of questions for the Class 10 Hindi grammar and develop a strategy for preparation.

The main question paper consists of the following-

Part A has Reading Skills covering topics like unread passages and unread verses. Part B consists of Grammar and Part C covers the whole Literature. Then follows Part D, which has Writings like Essay writing, Formal and informal letters, and Ad writing. Dividing all the topics will ensure learning properly without being confused.

Keep the following points in mind while solving grammar questions

  • Read the questions properly if given from a passage first.
  • If the grammar is asked from a poem then read the poem later on.
  • Try to solve all the grammar questions from the previous year at least 10 days before the examination.
  • Grammatical questions need more attention because of their meanings and connotations.
  • Memorize the beginning and end of the letters or writing skills for your advantage.
  • Revise the words and format of the grammar attended before submitting the paper.
  • Experts advise keeping in mind the rules of grammar. That way answering becomes much easier.
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Use these techniques to keep the answer sheet clean-

  • Highlight the answers of grammar written to mark its importance
  • Correct space must be given in between the answers and fill in the blanks.
  • Underline the important words with pencil

Students’ biggest fear remains with the grammar papers as the scoring in that paper is equally easy and tough at the same time. Hindi is such a subject where scoring high marks might become difficult for some students. As the Hindi subject consists of two types of paper so the examination is conducted on the same day. By preparing well the students will have an edge over the papers. As it is class 10, the difficulty of the paper becomes hard. The first task of the students remains to read all the chapters in the textbooks and revise the important chapters regularly. Questions in the examination come from textbooks and form almost 50% of the main paper. It is better to follow the NCERT Books Class 10 Hindi book for scoring good marks.

 Clear your doubts regarding the grammatical rules of the topics given in the syllabus. Practice all the questions related to grammar as maximum as possible. In grammatical questions, there are certain rules, which are exceptions, and be aware of those too.

How to study different topics

It is advisable to focus on the major topics rather than hitting each small part of the syllabus for the exams. Pick the topics and sections having maximum weightage to revise and learn first and then concentrate on the low-scoring topics if extra time remains. It is essential to practice all the questions from the previous years and the mock tests papers available online or from the coaching institutions.

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For every examination, a few questions or topics are asked repeatedly for several years in the same format. Try to focus on those topics first when preparing for the exam in less amount of time. Practice with as many previous class 10th Hindi question papers as much as possible.

CBSE sample papers are important resources, which allow all the students to practice for the exam effectively. These sample papers not only provide students with the scope to know about the format of the question paper but also get an idea about the type of topics. So, practice the sample papers and mock papers before exams.

Always keep in mind the latest exam pattern and the marking schemes of each topic. Practice according to the marks divided for each topic. For examination, students must learn the correct format of essay and letter writing. Keep in mind the word limit and memorize the end and beginning.

Points to remember regarding the letter writing

Always try to start the essay with an introduction, which is effective and smooth.  The content must match according to the topic given which is precise and attentive. Do not make the ending of your essay boring. Write the essay in such a form so that the teachers do not feel bored. For the letter writing, address the concerned authority with the proper name and address. Do not forget to mention the subject of the letter and greet the main person. The main body of the letter-writing must consist of three parts. The first paragraph consists of the Introduction of you along with the topic given in the question paper. In the second paragraph, discuss the whole topic in detail. The last paragraph describes the conclusion. Try to end the letter with a complimentary end.

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The question paper pattern for Hindi has changed for a few years. Students must study according to the new pattern, which is published on the official website.

For answering, the grammatical questions try to solve the questions serial wise. Do not jump or skip from one question to another. This becomes difficult for the examiner to check and for the students to revise.  If a question has many parts then solve each part separately.


Some of the grammar questions of grammar are asked from unseen passages. Go through the passage carefully before attempting the questions. The proverbs carry more marks in the new exam pattern. Pay attention to the new topic more. For answering, the grammar questions try to solve at least one or two fill in the blanks, which are asked directly from the book. Make sure to revise every word before submitting the paper. Often students become confused with the rules of grammar and answer incorrectly.

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