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JEE Main

JEE is one of the most prominent entrance tests in India. It is very hard to crack and requires a lot of effort and dedication. It can not be aced by normal high school level of knowledge, it has a complex syllabus and requires separate training or tuition. Its syllabus is so hard that even professionals have a hard time cracking a JEE paper. It is mostly restricted to only students who wish to pursue engineering. If a student wishes to get into prime universities and colleges, this is the entrance for them. 

JEE Main comprises mostly basic engineering associated subjects like Math, Physics and Chemistry. High school level education is hard enough, imagine the level of preparation required for JEE Main. Luckily, students can access JEE Main important questions and answers easily for any subject online. Students can simply google JEE Main 2021 Answer Key & Paper Solution and start preparing for JEE Main 2022 without any problem. In this article we will find out more about JEE Mains, when did they happen? and when the results will come out? 

But before we dive into all of that, it is important to know about the JEE Main exam’s history and origin. JEE Main, also known as Joint Entrance Examination, is an entrance test taken for students who are planning to pursue engineering. These entrance exams help students get into his/her dream college or university with the possibility of a scholarship, that is, if they score well. JEE Main opens doors to prestigious institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the National Institute of Technology (NIT) or the Indian Institute of Science and Research (IISR) and many more numerous leading institutes like the ones mentioned. 

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Why are students drawn to write this entrance test? What is so hard about the JEE Main Entrance Exam? Let’s find out about its features and characteristics.  

Characteristics of JEE Main : 

  • JEE Main helps students to enrol in the college of their desires. Even if they don’t get in, they get an experience of a lifetime. 
  • JEE Main comprises 90 multiple choice questions with four options each so there is no hassle of filling pages with theory. 
  • Students are given a total of 90 questions to crack, 30 from each subject i.e. Math, Physics and Chemistry respectively. 
  • JEE Mains is conducted every year, not once but two times. So if an individual misses it the first time, he/she can reappear in the examination for the second time. 
  • JEE Main does not use a marking system. Although, there is a negative marking. They allot selections based on rank. So, if a student has a good rank there are chances he/she might get selected for further process. 
  • JEE Main is the first level of JEE. The individual with a good rank gets selected for JEE Advanced. Its portion is even tougher than JEE Mains. These are conducted to filter out the best of the best students for their university. 
  • To take JEE main a student must pass 10+2 or 12th-grade examinations, this is the minimum eligibility criteria to appear in the examinations. 
  • JEE Main does not announce the application process whatsoever,  so it is suggested to be on the lookout for application form dates. 
  •  JEE Main gives out admit cards with an individual’s details just like any other examination. It is necessary to have it during the time of an examination.
  • The best thing about the JEE Main Question Paper is that an individual can select the medium of the question paper. So, this allows the candidate to choose the language of the paper according to his/her convenience
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These are the top 10 features of the JEE Main. The features seem very apt but the preparation for it, not so much. The JEE main portion is very wide and extensive, therefore it is really hard to figure out where to start from. Just like any year, JEE Mains was held during this year as well. How did they go? When were they held and when will the results come out? Let us find out. 

Dates of JEE Main 2021

JEE Main 2021 was conducted in 4 sessions the first session starting from 23rd to 26th February 2021, the second session from 16th to 18th March 2021, the third session from 20th to 27th July 2021 and the last session from 26th august to 2nd September 2021. The admit card window was from 11th February 2021 to 26th July 2021. 

Date of the results 

Results for all four sessions are already declared. The results for the last session or the fourth session were declared on 25th September 2021. The declaration of the results for all the sessions is done by NTA also known as, National Testing Agency. National Testing Agency is a type of organisation responsible for conducting all kinds of tests, exams etc., for admission in renowned universities or colleges. NTA has been in action since 2010. 

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To access the results, the candidate has to visit the official website, where the individuals are supposed to fill in their details like admission number and date of birth. 

Cutoff for JEE

Covid has caused a whole lot of changes in education as well as examination patterns. This year’s cutoff percentage dropped and was recorded lowest in the past three years. The cutoff percentage depends on factors like the total number of individuals writing the exam, difficulty level of the question paper and availability of the seats in different institutions. The cutoff percentage of this year was noted to be 87% for individuals in the general category. Compared to last year’s cutoff percentage (90%) this year’s cutoff percentage was less by 3%. 


JEE Main is one of the hardest exams to crack in India. It happens every year and students preparing for engineering or that sort of interest attend this exam from all over the world. This year’s exam occurred in four sessions, from February 2021 to September 2021. The cutoff percentage (90%) noted this year was the lowest recorded in the past three years. 

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JEE Main
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