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Computers and computer tools are one of the best inventions of human beings. With it, we can do the things that the people of a hundred years ago thought were impossible. It can do so many things that we don’t even know we need. But just like the other devices in this world, it has its limitations. Luckily, technological problems can be solved by technology too.

PDFBear is no question one of the most excellent tools in managing PDF files on the web today. Its usefulness in helping people to get the most out of their files is simply the best. Many choose this website because of the many advantages it can offer its user. Although there are many websites with the same function, the efficiency and security it gives are unbeatable.

PDF to Excel Conversion

File conversion is a helpful process because it changes file format to make it more advantageous. For example, converting files from PDF to Excel is one of the most used processes today because PDF format can be complicated to work with because it is impossible to edit.

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Luckily, PDFBear can make file converting effortless. With its simple and easy-to-use web design, you can convert your PDF document to Excel format in a few simple steps. Only go to the PDFBear website, click on PDF to Excel, attach your file, wait for a few seconds and download your newly converted document.

Repairs Corrupted Files

If you think computers are perfect, then you are definitely wrong; no matter how useful it appears, there are still many flaws in any computer system; Some of them are glitches, bugs, and malware infestation. These things occur because of so many reasons like lack of storage space and computer viruses. These things may lead to file corruption and damage.

When your file is affected by these glitches and viruses, it may seem impossible to fix, but it is not. With PDFBear, you can fix your file and bring it back to its original state as if nothing happened to it.

Accessible Via Any Browser

PDFBear is not an ordinary file manager. Unlike the other platforms of this nature, it does not require any installation. With this feature, you can manage your files using any available browser on your device running any operating system such as IOS, Linux, Windows, or even iOS or Android. That also means that it will not consume any storage space in your device.

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PDF Files Merger

Because there are thousands of files that can be located on your computer, organizing files can be complicated and time-consuming. But don’t worry, PDFBear always got your back; it can merge multiple files into one PDF file, so you don’t have to go through individual folders to look for a specific file.

Compress PDF Files

Storage space is a crucial part of any computer. Without enough storage space, it will not work correctly, causing lags and can even corrupt files. PDFBear can compress PDF files up to 70% of their original size. The great thing about it is that it completes this process without damaging your file or ruining the format and content of the data it contains.

Respect Your Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy or confidentiality is the biggest concern when using computer tools. It is because of how effortless it is today to hack into anyone’s computer system. But worry no more, PDFBear protects their users’ privacy and confidentiality by deleting the history of the processes they have done with the website one hour after they are done using the website.

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File Encryption

When using PDFBear, you will not have to worry about your security and your files’ because it utilizes the most effective encryption system you can find on the web today. When setting a password to your file, it uses a 256-Bit encryption protocol that is almost impossible to breach.


There are many advantages the technology has given us, as it makes our jobs more manageable. But despite its ability to make our lives more comfortable, it is still far from perfect because it is made by human beings. But luckily, technological dilemmas can also be fixed by technology. You only must have the proper tools and enough knowledge to use them.

PDFBear is among the most valuable products of technology. Its effectiveness in merging, converting, repairing, and so many other things concerning their PDF files is unquestionably the most efficient. No matter what your problem with managing your files, it has a solution to it. So the next time you experience any issues with your files, just go straight to PDFBear.

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