Longines Watches: Finely Influenced of Tradition, Performance And Elegance



Longines is a Swiss premium watchmaker that was established in 1832. Longines has a high reputation for its winged hourglass emblem, which is one of the oldest designs that is continuously operating and intact, in addition to its rich history. The allure of Longines’ watch range represents the company’s character.

Every Longines watch is meant to exude the inculcation of history, performance, and elegance that Longines claims to have instilled in them. Thus, Longines watches include the Longines Legend Diver, Longines HydroConquest, Longines Conquest, Longines Heritage, and Longines Flagship, to name a few.

History of Longines

Auguste Agassiz started the tale of the Longines in the year 1832. Agassiz, the creator of this watch brand, has a business background and previously worked in the financial industry. In the village of Saint-Imier, he and his two companions, Henri Raiguel and Florian Morel decided to start their own watchmaking business. Thus began the Swiss luxury watchmaker’s journey.

The first partnership between these investors was called Raiguel Jeune & Cie. As we all know, this was later changed to Longines and gave birth to this well-known brand. Because of the founder’s business ties in America, the company quickly earned a significant market share, and the Longines watches that they made were quite popular.

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A typical watch in the early days of watchmaking had a standard mechanism helped by cylindrical escapements wound with keys. Nonetheless, because he was recognized for being exceptional and inventive, Francillon chose to develop something new and rejected the key-wound system.

This was followed by the consequence of Longines watches that were now damaged due to the usage of the crown, all of which started in the year 1867. In 1867, Francillon also brought in Jaques David to assist him in implementing the industrialization plan that he had envisioned and intended to pursue.

Longines Legend Diver

It’s one of the Longines watches that will not only catch everyone’s eye but also make you feel like you’ll never take it off your wrist. Longines’ diving watch family began with the model reference 7042, which, of course, influenced its descendants.

The Legend Diver with ref. L3-674-4, popularly known as the LLD watch, features a 42 mm casing with an etching on the rear and two hatching crowns. It also features a date window that is visible at 3 o’clock. As a result, the Longines diver not only feels good on your hand but also wraps around your wrist elegantly.

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Longines HydroConquest

This Longines watch is not only inexpensive, but it also boasts solid construction and features. It’s a modern diving watch with a casing that’s water-resistant to 300 meters and a sapphire crystal that’s been treated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating.

This Longines diver watch was initially released in 2007 as part of a more significant Sports Watch Collection launch. The case is composed of stainless steel and is 41mm in diameter. Sunburst black, grey, and blue are among the hues offered for the dials.

Longines Conquest

Longines Conquest is a watch series that features athletic but stylish timepieces. The Longines Conquest, Longines Conquest Heritage, and Longines Conquest Classic are among the models of the Longines Conquest family. These Longines timepieces are designed to fit any event and style.

Even though the Longines Conquest is recognized for its sporting watch line, the Longines Conquest Classic is distinguished by its classical mechanical movement. The remarkable performance, accuracy, and longevity of these Longines sports watches make them stand out.

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Longines Flagship

Longines launched its Flagship series in the 1960s. The Longines L4.795.4.78.2 is one of the current Longines watch models produced in 2004 and is popular within the Longines family line. This watch has a 38.5mm case with an alligator strap and is powered by the caliber L615 movement.

Together with the gilded hour markers and dauphine hands, the ceramic dial is one of the watch’s most distinctive characteristics. It also has the Longines enamel symbol, which can be found on the rear of the watch. This watch is fascinating since it has a low price and is fitted with a Longines automatic movement.


Add these beautifully crafted Longines men’s watches to your collection and allow them to hug your wrists while enhancing your style and individuality. Almost everyone wants to purchase a luxurious and elegant watch.

It simply means that a watch has both the tastefulness of fashion and the character of the performance. Longines offers their customers the most excellent bargain possible by including all of these attributes in their masterpiece collection.

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