Washing Your Weighted Blanket: Effective Tips And Guidelines

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What Is A Weighted Blanket?

If you’ve been wondering what a weighted blanket is, then read on. It can be a comforting method for adults, children, and even toddlers. Weighted blankets are designed for people of all ages, but are best used by children over the age of two. These blankets are not safe for babies, however, as they can cause suffocation and constriction. Moreover, they can be dangerous for older children who are prone to suffocation.

Now, the question is, “How Weighted Blankets Work?”  Weighted blankets help individuals who are suffering from anxiety or PTSD get restful sleep. They also encourage the release of serotonin and dopamine, which are happy hormones. The more serotonin and dopamine we produce, the better our sleep will be. People with anxiety or depression may also benefit from using a weighted blanket. They can use it to self-soothe during panic attacks or flashbacks.

A weighted blanket is made of different kinds of fabric. The weight inside can be pebbles, sand, or microfiber beads. Some blankets even contain grains. Wool is another material that is sometimes used to create weighted blankets. While this is not commonly used, wool is a great material for a weighted blanket. When purchasing one, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

How Often Should Weighted Blankets Be Washed? 

Having a weighted blanket on your bed is one easy and faster way to get better sleep. And while you are using one, your blankets need maintenance too. You need to wash your weighted blankets occasionally. But how?

The answer depends on the materials used for filling your blanket. Some materials, such as wool, rayon, and linen, can be dry cleaned. However, you should avoid washing the weighted blanket itself if it is made from natural materials. You can easily spot-clean stains that aren’t visible on the blanket’s surface with a damp cloth, but if you want to be sure, you should contact the manufacturer.

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When washing your blanket, you must first determine what type of fibre it is made of. If it is made of synthetic materials, you can use soap and water to spot-treat any stains. For food-stained blankets, you should use an enzyme-based stain remover. Apply a small amount to the fabric and let it work for 15 minutes. Once the stain is removed, you can wash it with cold water.

Washing a weighted blanket is easy if you use a washing machine. Weighted blankets under 15 pounds can be machine-washed, but blankets over 15 pounds should be laundered in a commercial washer. If you’re using the weighted blanket every night, you can wash it once a month, and if you only use it occasionally, you should consider washing it a few times a year. Washing it frequently can also reduce its durability, so make sure to read the label before washing it.

When washing your weighted blanket, remember that the frequency of use affects how frequently you need to wash it. If you use it every night, you may need to wash it at least twice a year. However, if you use it every night, you may want to wash it more often. In addition to stains and dirt, weighted blankets should be cleaned a few times a year.

Effective Tips For Washing Your Weighted Blanket

To keep your weighted blanket clean, follow these effective tips for washing it. First, use a soft brush and water for spot cleaning. Next, air dries it. Make sure to treat any stains before washing. Lastly, do not use bleach on it, as it can damage the fibres. These tips will help you maintain the integrity of your weighted blanket for years to come. By following these easy-to-follow steps, you can avoid ruining your investment.

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Hand-washing a weighted blanket

In addition to hand-washing a weighted blanket, you can also dry-clean it. However, you should wash it in a machine if its weight is more than nine kilograms. Dry cleaning is an expensive alternative to hand-washing. You should check the tag on the blanket for washing instructions. After washing, let the weighted blanket air-dry on a rack under the sun. It is important to keep the weighted blanket in a flat position, as hanging it can damage its shape and reduce its lifespan.

To wash your weighted blanket, first separate the cover and the inner blanket. Look for stains. If the blanket is soaked in sweat or blood, spot clean it with a little baking soda or dish soap. If the stains are greasy, use a toothbrush and detergent to scrub them out. Dry the weighted blanket in the dryer on a low setting or air-dry it to keep it clean.

Air drying a weighted blanket

There are several important factors to consider when air drying a weighted blanket. First, you want to avoid using high heat, which can destroy the weighted beads. Second, air drying ensures that the fabric and filler are dried evenly. Air drying also minimises the risk of fabric damage. Fortunately, there are many ways to dry weighted blankets, including by hanging them. Follow these steps to ensure that your weighted blanket will remain in good shape for years to come.

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First, make sure you use a proper blanket rack. Weighted blankets do not wash as easily as regular blankets. It is important to use a rack that distributes the weight evenly. You can also make sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to maintain its quality. Air drying a weighted blanket can help extend its life, which is essential for maximising comfort. Afterward, simply hang it up to dry and enjoy the benefits of your new weighted blanket.

Treating stains before washing a weighted blanket

If you want to keep your blanket looking new and clean for a long time, there are some simple tips for cleaning your weighted blanket. While a weighted blanket may have a duvet cover, you should still follow the guidelines for washing it. If you spill something on it, you can spot clean it instead of washing the whole blanket. All you need is a cloth, dish soap, and cold water.

If the stain is small and not too deep, you can spot clean the affected area. To treat small stains, simply apply a mild detergent to the affected area. Make sure to use soft bristles. When the blanket is dry, flip it over and repeat the process until the stains disappear. Then, the machine washes it using a gentle cycle. Make sure to follow the care instructions for each fabric type to avoid any damage.


Weighted blankets are designed to help people sleep peacefully. They have been shown to help with anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders. Many of their benefits are beneficial for everyone. In addition, some people may find that weighted blankets can help with reducing the levels of cortisol in the body, which is an important hormone for emotional health. You should seek the advice of a healthcare professional before undergoing weighted blanket therapy.

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