The Great Michael Atherton

Michael Atherton

Batting is one of the most crucial aspects of cricket. Punters can use 1xBet to bet on sports, which also includes options to wager on this particular aspect of the cricket.

Because of the nature of their role, batters must endure all kinds of deliveries from bowlers. In fact, sometimes they need to withstand some extremely fast deliveries, which can be a nightmare situation for some players of this kind. However, there was a player who had an extremely high resistance. We are talking about Michael Atherton, who was also the captain of the English national team for many years.

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A highly controversial career

Atherton was, to put it mildly, a difficult individual to deal with inside the cricket field. In fact, he had some high-profile confrontations with other players. Examples were Allan Donald and Glenn McGrath. For this reason, watching the matches of the English national team while he was playing was something quite interesting. What is also interesting is to visit – only best betting on cricket on this and many other national sides are offering.

Michael Atherton had a professional career that lasted between 1987 and 2001. During that time he played at different teams, such as:

  • Cambridge University;
  • Lancashire;
  • and of course, the English national team.
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It is always possible to find great wagering chances on those teams, as they are on 1xBet, which offers only the best betting on cricket games. In the last years of Atherton’s career, he was the captain of the national team, however, a series of bad results made him retire early.

Ball tampering incidents and injuries

Michael Atherton was accused of tampering balls on several occasions. In his own autobiography, the former player stated that, at the time, he didn’t understand the consequences of his actions. While waiting for the next incident of this kind, it is possible to play in the great casino at the website.

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Atherton also received a fine during a Test match against South Africa for the same reason. However, in the same autobiography he stated that he was completely innocent.
The player suffered from many back injuries during his career. In fact, after many consultations with doctors, it was discovered that those problems were chronic. For this reason, he was forced to retire in 2001 when he was 33 years old. Had it not been for those injuries, he could have played for more time as the tough batter he was known for. Before any game of the English national cricket team, you can explore the great games at the 1xBet casino.

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Michael Atherton
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