Latest Trends in the Constantly-Changing Digital Marketing World

digital marketing trends

The world of social media marketing is constantly changing – functionality is being updated, new social networks and services appear. You should follow the trends to find out how to advertise on social media – what works and what is no longer relevant, what features may appear in the near future, and how to use them for advertising. You want to learn how to get natural and real Instagram followers or even YouTube subscribers? Well, we will cover many insider tips This article discusses the changes that will impact your social media branding strategy in 2021.

Decreased Coverage

This trend can already be seen in all social networks, because there is too much content, and more content, on average, fewer views are presented by authors. This trend is also smoothly pushing the company towards a complete transition to paid promotion methods on social media.

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Short Videos will become even more Popular

These two trends are intertwined, as it was with the advent of Tik-Tok that the short video format became mega-popular (TT was originally based on this type of content). The owners of social networks were very frightened of the competition of the new application and began to copy its functions: Instagram Reels, Shorts on YouTube appeared and Snapchat launched Spotlight. The competition is expected to intensify in 2021, which means we will see many new and similar features.

Stories Permeate all Social Media

Social networks appreciated the popularity of Instagram stories (where they already attracted the main attention of users from the feed) and began to create similar functions: Odnoklassniki launched moments, Linkedin is testing a story, Twitter launched a fleet, YouTube – Stories, Douyin (Chinese Tik-Tok based on the famous us the international version of TT) – Try the video diary function, perhaps it will be added to Tik-Tok itself. Services that already have stories improve this type of content. For example, Instagram has added new stickers, a section for favorites and popular stickers, an arrow tool in the editor, and a new recording mode. Companies that don’t publish stories are inferior to their competitors.

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Cleaning Social Networks from Bots and Fakes

Social networks improve algorithms for identifying low-quality accounts every year, so this trend can already be called constant. Users have also learned to distinguish high-quality profiles from fake ones, and are more willing to subscribe to accounts with real photos, rather than anonymous pages with the company logo in the avatar and photos of the same type of product.

This suggests that you need to completely forget about cheating and move on to improving the quality of your content and profile design.

Emphasis on Personal Brand Development

As we wrote above, people are drawn to people. Social media users are more interested in watching people live than watching impersonal brand posts. Therefore, we need to focus on creating and developing a personal brand, as this trend will gain momentum in the coming years. A business can be represented by its owner, employee, or a specially made “personal photo”.

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