The Most Interesting Legends About Online and Classic Roulette


Roulette is one of the most popular games in online and offline casinos. Many players consider this game the “queen of gambling” since variations of this type of entertainment go back to the distant past. How much does humanity know about this game? Is all of this true?

The principle of the casino roulette game is much simpler than it seems: the classic version has a wheel with 37 sectors, one of which is green (also called zero), and the rest are red and black. Players place bets on the color of the winning sector, number, odd/even, and so on.

Many historians continue to argue where roulette originated. There are several theories regarding this. According to some experts, the game’s history began with Blaise Pascal, who tried to invent the perpetual motion machine. It looked like a wheel divided into 36 sectors and outwardly resembled a modern form of gambling. Another suggestion about the origin of roulette refers to an old gambling game called hoca, the first mention of which dates back to 1716. 

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Modern roulette casino online games have a lot in common with the classic version. That is why players continue to tell various signs and legends to each other because this game has a spiritual connotation for some gamblers.

Roulette and James Bond

This game often appears in legendary films, so many viewers associate roulette with this character. There is one legend among many players that gambling professionals still like to repeat. Sean Connery visited an Italian casino, choosing roulette for the evening. Further events developed in this way:

  • The first time Sean bet on his favorite number, 17. However, it was not successful, but the man repeated his bet two more times.
  • His fourth bet was no different from the previous ones, and it was still 17. People around watched the process with amazement. Surprisingly, this time he was able to win.
  • The fifth bet was the same. Despite three failures in a row, Connery continued to stick to his strategy. He made no mistake by winning again. He went on and won 5 times in a row.
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Of course, in reality, the chance to make such a killing is about one in 50,000. However, this story can motivate many best online roulette players to stay true to their strategy, believing in success. Who knows, maybe an ordinary guest will be able to win such an amount in a few attempts?

Girl in a Vintage Dress

Many people associate classic and American roulette with the devil wheel, believing in various signs and stories. However, some urban legends can confirm this. Offline and online casinos have many stories that may seem scary to some. One of them is known to players around the world.

Some Indian players consider the sign up bonus casino India to be the only ”unusual” opportunity to get additional winnings. However, the mystical undertones of this story may dispel some myths and become a cautionary tale for someone.

A tired guy went into one of the casinos in Los Angeles. It was a hard day, but he felt like gambling could give him a little energy. However, the man fell asleep right in the hall, having only time to enter the establishment.

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After a while, he woke up with a strange sensation. Realizing he had overslept in the corner of the casino, he looked up and noticed a woman in an old-fashioned dress staring straight at him. The eye contact lasted a few seconds, and then the woman moved toward the roulette table. The man felt he should follow her, so he stood up.

The roulette wheel began to spin as the woman approached it. The man silently watched, not even able to move. The stranger looked at the wheel until it stopped, passed, and left the room. The man memorized the cell number and received a huge win the next day.

This story shows how important intuition is in this game. Users can win a lot if they rely not only on the knowledge of the strategy or use of online roulette bonus codes but also listen to their inner voice and staying alert.

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