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Sarah Beattie is a well-known internet comedian, actress, and comic writer from the United States. 

She is well-known for her divisive comments and posts on social media. 

Her outspoken personality has left many people craving and anticipating her next tweets and posts. 

She is known for commenting on various trending topics with a sense of humour. 

Overview of Sarah Beattie

  • Full name: Sarah Beattie 
  • Age: 28 years 
  • Date of birth: November 4, 1992 
  • Horoscope sign: Scorpio 
  • Marital status: Single 
  • Birthplace: Oceania, Hawaii 
  • Nationality: American 
  • Ethnicity: White 
  • Height: 5.3 inches 
  • Eye colour: Black 
  • Hair colour: Brown 
  • Occupation: Actress, comedian, comic writer, blogger 
  • Instagram: @nachosarah 
  • Hobbies: Travelling, Shopping, Singing and Reading
  • Twitter: @nachosarah 

Age of Sarah Beattie

Sarah Beattie was born on the date- November 4, 1992. As per that her age is 29 years old in 2021.

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Relationships Status of Sarah Beattie (Does Sarah have any boyfriend)

According to the source, she is single currently. Before that also she didn’t have any boyfriend. 

She has not been seen romantically involved till now.

Maybe in the future, she will get involved with a relationship. But for now she is single.

Sarah Beattie: Career

She is a well-known internet comedian, actress, and comic writer from the United States. 

She is well-known for her divisive comments and posts on social media. 

Sarah Beattie made her acting debut in 2013 and has since gone on to star in a number of films. 

She appeared in Allan Cubitt’s popular crime drama series The Fall. 

Her enchanting beauty and exceptional acting abilities earned her a recurring role in 15 episodes from 2003 to 2016. 

Sarah Beattie’s breakthrough as a comedian came when she played the lead in Frankie Boyle’s ‘New World Order.’ 

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Sarah Beattie appeared in seven episodes of season two in 2018. 

She was a part of Frankie Boyle’s stand-up, comment review, and discussion panel to break down some of the week’s top headlines.

Most Controversial Tweet of Sarah Beattie

Sarah Beattie’s tweet took the internet by storm on January 19, 2019. It was widely publicised on social media platforms. 

Her tweet was in response to the Make America Great Again (MAGA) protest by students at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. 

A four-minute video of Covington Catholic High School students mocking one of the Native American Indian men was posted. 

The man was playing his drums as he peacefully protested President Trump’s plan to build a massive wall. 

Many of the students were wearing red hats with the words “Make America Great Again.”

Within an hour, the video had trended across all American news platforms. 

This elicited mixed reactions, including anger, from various American citizens and celebrities such as Sarah Beattie. 

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As a result, the platforms of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were inundated with rather harsh posts. 

People reacted to the high school boys’ “rogue and disrespectful” behaviour. 

Another video circulated of a native Indian man (Nathan Philips) crying and describing the boy’s behaviour as threatening and aggressive. 

Sarah Beattie, like the majority of Americans, voiced her opinion on the viral video. 

She focused her tweet on one of the high school students who was face to face with the native Indian man. Nick Sandmann was the name of the young man. 

She tweeted that anyone who punches the MAGA kid in the face will receive an intimate award. Nick Sandmann was the person she was referring to.

Sarah Beattie: Net Worth

Sara had a very good amount of earnings from her successful career. Sarah is living a very good life. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2,50,000 as of 2021.

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