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Savani Quintanilla is the son of A. B. Quintanilla, a well-known record producer.

Savani also performs under the stage name principle Q. 

Similarly, he is a well-known celebrity child, as all of his family members are well-known in the industry. 

Savani is a well-known record producer, filmmaker, and sound engineer. 

He is also the nephew of late musician Selena Quintanilla, who was murdered at the age of 23 by Yolanda Saldivar.

Who exactly is Savani Quintanilla? 

Savani was born in Texas on November 27, 1991. His parents are A.B Quintanilla III and Evangelina Almeida. 

A.B. Quintanilla Jr and Marcella Samora are his grandparents’ names as well. 

He is a celebrity kid.

He has one biological brother, Giani Quintanilla, in a family of two parents and six other siblings. 

His six other siblings were born from his father’s various relationships, in addition to his brother. 

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Except for his half-sister Martika, who was born in the year 2000, he hasn’t revealed much about his other siblings. 

Vangie is her mother’s name.

Savani Quintanilla: Career

Savani is a successful musician, record producer, and sound engineer, as previously stated. 

He is also a co-owner of alebrije. tx. 

He has collaborated with several musicians over the years to create new renditions of Selena’s songs. 

Aside from that, he is a DJ who has occasionally worked in clubs and small concerts.

Relationship Status- Savani Quintanilla

Savani is well-known as A.B. Quintanilla’s celebrity son, who has kept his personal life private. 

Nonetheless, there is little information about his romantic life. 

Quintanilla, who is in his late thirties, is not married to the date. 

Furthermore, he has not disclosed any information about his current girlfriends or relationships.

According to our sources- He has a child named Yvie, but the identity of his child’s mother is unknown. 

He has a close relationship with his child and frequently shares pictures of her on social media.

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Savani Quintanilla: Net Worth 

Savani Quintanilla rose to prominence as a result of his father and family’s celebrity. 

His net worth is unknown.

His father, on the other hand, is estimated to have a $5 million network. 

His grandfather, who also made a name for himself in the industry, is estimated to be worth $10 million.

Interesting Facts About Savani Quintanilla:

  • Savani Quintanilla, as previously stated, has recently gained media attention as a celebrity youngster. 
  • His father, A.B Quintanilla, is a Mexican-American record producer, lyricist, and artist. 
  • He is also Selena’s older brother, dubbed “The Sovereign of Tejano Music.” Selena’s father, A.B., would deliver and compose songs for her, including “Como la Flor,” “Love Prohibido,” and “No Me Queda Mas,” all of which became hit singles.
  • Savani, or Svani, is one of Quintanilla’s eight children, the result of multiple relationships. 
  • Savani’s father had several marriages. 
  • Savani is an accomplished musician, record producer, and sound engineer. So far, he has released some well-received singles. 
  • He also has a stake in alebrije. tx. 
  • He has over 12.1k Instagram followers as of 2021. 
  • Savani Quintanilla, 30, is a woman. In the year 1991, he was born. 
  • Savani Quintanilla was born in Texas, USA, and currently resides in the United States. 
  • His father’s name is A.B Quintanilla, and his mother’s name is A.B Quintanilla. 
  • He also has seven siblings, six of whom are boys and one of whom is a girl. 
  • A.B. Quintanilla III, his father, recently married Argentinian woman Anhjelah O. A.B was previously married to American model Rikkie Leigh Robertson. 
  • Savani’s parents divorced on July 5, 2016, according to an announcement made at the event. 
  • His paternal grandparents were A.B. Quintanilla Jr. and Marcella Samora. 
  • One of his cousins is Jovan Arriaga. 
  • His aunts, Selena and Suzetta Quintanilla were also artists and performers. He gets his turn in the spotlight.
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