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Sara Kapfer was born in the year- 1969. Her birthplace was New York City, USA. Sara Kapfer belongs to the American Nationality. 

Before marriage to the famous Actor and Director: Cuba Gooding Jr, she was an ordinary school teacher.

Sara Kapfer Early Life

Sara Kapfer is from a simple middle-class family in New York City. 

She is an extremely private person. 

As a result, little is known about her parents and family history. 

Kapfer was born in 1969. She went to North Hollywood High School. 

This school played an important role in Sara’s life, shaping her to a large extent. This is because she met Cuba Gooding Jr., a classmate, in the school. 

As a result, it is safe to assume that she knew Gooding Jr. long before he became famous.

Sara Kapfer Career

Sara had always been a studious student with a passion for teaching. As a result, she pursued her bachelor’s degree after graduating from high school. 

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She eventually became a trained teacher and worked as an elementary school teacher in a well-known California school. She later quit her job to become a full-time mother and devote her time to her children’s care. 

Sara began dating Cuba Gooding Jr, a student at her school. It was a high school romance between childhood sweethearts. 

In 1994, she married her true love. When she married her true love, he was already a well-known and acclaimed Hollywood actor. 

As a result, she faced the glamour world and captured the attention of the media from all over the world. 

She stayed out of the public eye because she was a private person. 

Spencer, Mason, and Piper are Sara and Gooding’s three children. 

In Hollywood, they were frequently regarded as a great couple. Their love storey came to an end, however, when they announced their divorce in 2014. 

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They have identified some personal issues as the root cause of the divorce. But they are still on good terms and share equal parental responsibility for their three children. 

Sara is living her life quietly now that she has divorced from the media. She is a wonderful mother, and there has been no word of her dating or marrying anyone else.

Sara Kapfer Hobbies

Sara enjoyed learning new things as a teacher. She reads a lot to do so. 

Yann Martel’s novel, The Life of Pi is her favourite. 

She enjoys listening to music and watching movies, particularly those starring Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. 

Sara is a traveller as well. She was able to travel all over the United States thanks to her millionaire husband. 

She also travelled to Europe, particularly to London, her dream vacation destination.

Sara was exposed to various cuisines during her travels and enjoyed eating and trying out the various dishes that each location had to offer. 

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All the children of Sara are well-behaved. Her Children is also good at their studies.

Sara also loves going shopping in her spare time. 

Sara Kapfer: Salary and Earnings 

Sara had a very good amount of earnings from her teaching career. Sara led a lavish lifestyle while married to her celebrity husband. 

Her divorce, however, did not affect her way of life. 

Cuba Gooding Junior allegedly gave her $15 million as part of the divorce settlement. 

She also receives a stipend to help with the upkeep of their three children. 

As a result, Sara Kapfer is a millionaire. Her net worth is currently greater than $15 million.

Sara Kapfer: Social Media

Sara Kapfer has not been active on any of the social media. She likes to keep her life out of the public eye.

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