Difference Between Mobile and Web Development

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Different solutions depend on the goals of the user. Considering the fact that the Internet today has acquired the character of a huge marketing machine for sales and a hundred, in fact, a large market, the struggle for a place is being waged in small, medium and large businesses. The efforts of IT specialists are aimed at creating a design that would attract the attention of a potential audience, and not only. After all, the client, if you want him to interact with your product, you need to surprise, attract and retain. It is getting harder and harder to do this.

Trends and facts

The websites that we visit every day, familiar with everyone, should be classified as web development. For a long time, this type of service was in great demand. However, the market is still growing at an enviable rate. In addition, the best automotive websites have been developed using this method.

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With the development of mobile devices and the range of their applications, the trend of creating mobile applications has become more impressive than ever. Looking ahead, several nuances should be noted.

Currently, both concepts are used with their own subtleties. Hence:

  • The roles and responsibilities, scope and expertise of a web designer are completely different from a web developer.
  • If you are starting your online business and need an expert to build your website without considering any custom features, you need to start looking for a web designer. In this case, it will be cheaper and more convenient to start your new online project.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your website or add additional functionality to it, you will need a web developer. In this case, you need a more complex knowledge of various programming languages, so it becomes more expensive.

Applications for mobile devices

This process includes, among others:

  • Web design,
  • web content development,
  • client side server side scripting
  • and setting up network security.
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If you look closely at Web and Mobile Application Development, you will notice their similarities. Nowadays, the development of mobile applications for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones, has become very relevant.

Site responsiveness

This means that the layout of the website is constantly adapting to the formats of the end device. This means that optimization for individual devices is not required, as there is always enough space on the mobile site. Unlike classic web design (desktop version), the implementation, programming and design of responsive web design takes more time from the web designer. At the end of the day, he has to consider all the possible behaviors of the website at different screen sizes.

  • the visitor does not move with the mouse, but with the touch screen
  • the display is much smaller
  • Many mobile devices cannot display Flash or Java (especially since these technologies are outdated anyway).
  • internet connection is usually slower on the go
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Build a mobile website for optimal user experience

The number of smartphone users is growing steadily, even if it’s hard to imagine. However, the behavior of users with a smartphone is changing even more. The personal desktop is increasingly receding into the background. In 2016, for the first time, more searches were performed on Google using smartphones than from any other device. It makes sense that with so many search clients, it makes sense to own a mobile app.

More visibility for search engine optimization

Without a mobile site for smartphones, it is difficult for customers to find it. Classic desktop websites often rank low on only really interesting keywords. In addition, Google is increasingly using mobile-optimized websites for search results. As a result, more and more websites are moving to the bottom of the SERPs.

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