6 Proven Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Sales In Magento



Whatever e-commerce owners do to sell more: optimize site speed, build progressive apps (eCommerce PWAs), launch stores on social media, attract opinion leaders, and change product lines.

 But what kind of effort on the part of marketers can lead to success?  In this article, we’ll share 6 working internet marketing strategies to look out for to help your online store sell better with magento development company.  We will also share examples of how well-known brands use these strategies on their websites.

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 Let’s start with the obvious, but too often overlooked.  Optimizing the pages of an online store for the needs of search engines is an important step.  After all, how well the SEO work is done depends largely on whether customers will find your site.

 What exactly needs to be optimized in terms of SEO:

  • All meta information.  Each page should have a meta title, short description, tags, etc.
  • Alt-tags of images and names of images.  Should reflect the essence of what is shown in the photo.
  • The correct structure of the text on the pages.  Headings, subheadings, lists, etc.
  • Use of keywords.  How exactly people will look for you and your product.
  • Well-structured site architecture.  Hierarchy of pages and their competent categorization.
  • Internal linking.  Cross-references must point to each other without error. 
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 Wish list and email

 A wishlist is always required on the website of an online store.  Often the user is not ready to buy something right away.

 By giving your customer the opportunity to sort the products they like by clicking “Save for later”, you, first of all, give him a corner of his own space on the site.  By adding and removing items or leaving them later, a person interacts with your store, and this is already a huge start.  For example, you can add a person to your email or sms list.  Not to litter his Inbox, of course.  Everything should be in moderation, nobody likes spam.  So offer a discount on your next purchase, or better yet, on the item, the person added to their wishlist.  So the likelihood that he will buy this thing will increase significantly, as there will be an incentive to buy it.

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 Personal kits and cross-sales

 A personal approach to each client will help increase sales.  This can manifest itself not only in texts and appeals exclusively to the person who reads the description.  We are talking about personalized collections of goods. 

Reviews in exchange for discounts

 Don’t underestimate the impact and power of product reviews.  Most people prefer to read the opinions of other buyers about a product before buying the same one.  That is why it is necessary to pay extra attention to reviews.

 First, add a product rating based on previous customer ratings.  Moreover, the reviews themselves should be allocated enough space on the product pages.  But how do you motivate people to leave reviews on products?  At a minimum, you can offer to do this in a letter confirming the delivery of the order, for example, in exchange for a discount on the next purchase or some kind of coupon. 

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Widgets with client content

 Many who are engaged in online marketing or have their online store will agree that maintaining store pages on social networks, and refreshing the site as a whole, is a laborious task.

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 But it’s easy to make life easier for you in this regard.  Instead of puzzling over what to post on your store’s Instagram or how to give life to your site, use the content your users generate. 


Perhaps another way to increase your online sales is to simply ask what your audience wants.  Perhaps you are doing something wrong or overlooking an important point.  What if your customers have great ideas!  Do not wonder if the answers may lie on the surface.

But don’t overdo it with surveys: This applies not only to how often you ask customers for opinions but also to how long your surveys are.  You need a balance both there and there, but as a result, you will be able to analyze the needs of your customers and draw conclusions about what is worth changing and where it is better to move. More information on the website.

 Well, to create beautiful and simple questionnaires, you can use various free tools with modifiable templates and designs, for example, Survio.

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