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Whatever the betting site you might choose, the first thing you need to acknowledge is the Terms and Conditions. This part is usually passed without required attention by the Indian players, but in Terms and Conditions are outlined the most crucial points which might not comply with the Indian current legislation which concerns the betting market. Also, there might be outlined rules regarding linking your Indian bank account. In that connection, be careful in clicking ‘Accept’ without scrolling them [rules] through. 

1win app is an Esports and gaming platform. It can be downloaded from their official website. Users can choose to play a game of their choice. The 1win app is authorized by a Malta Gambling Commission and has a legitimate right to operate in the Indian market.  

1win: Major Points 

Here are some 1 win advantages:

  • Variety of playing methods. You can also play individual games against other players as well as participate in real-time tournaments. Set a high score by playing against other users. You can even get cash prizes after submitting your high scores. 
  • Depositing options The amount is deposited in your 1win account which can be redeemed using an e-wallet app like Neteller, Ecopayz, and Skrill or even directly to your bank account (less popular among Indian players).  
  • Games variety. There is a huge variety of games available including games like Free Fire, Rummy, Poker, Chess, Quiz, Fruit Chop, 8 ball 3D Pool, Carrom, and many more. 
  • Free promotions through mates’ invitations. Also, there is a good chance of receiving free promotion as people will share the 1win link and suggest their friends join to get free tokens (bonuses). That option is available for newly-entered players and professionals as well.
  • Smooth and fast withdrawal. Withdrawal timing is faster than other betting sites. 
  • Weekly updated bonuses. This site provides a bonus every week also which depends on your bets. 
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Betting Tips 

The best is to seek assistance from expert betters, you can learn about the tips and strategies from some online casino websites. Some of them even facilitate the first-time players with a free demo session. As we reviewed tons of customers’ feedback, below we’ve outlined the top tips especially for you. 

  1. Try other teams apart from your favorite one. That being said, it cannot be denied that betting on sports does make it a lot more enjoyable if you’re winning by betting on your favorite team.
  2. Bet on the fixed amount you are allowed to lose. Complying with this rule you make yourself disciplined to the amount fixed.
  3. Only pay for the time to pass as a good time. Try to avoid an attitude to betting as to something which will feed you up till the rest of your days. 
  4.  Do not expect to start winning in sports right away, it takes luck and knowledge about the game to win it. 
  5. Diversify your investments. Place your bets in different sectors. By small amounts into various matches. By doing that you’ll increase the winning probability in total. 
  6. Listen to professionals’ advice. Read forums for bettors, watch live streams on youtube and Instagram, read close betting chats with odds’ predictions via Telegram, and many more. Once you’ll learn how to enrich your knowledge with the experience of others – you’ll start to notice mistakes that were covered by them in live matches.
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