GogoPDF: How To Effectively Remove Encrypted Password From PDFs

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Have you ever faced a situation where you are having troubles with your Portable Document Format or PDF? One way of dealing with the difficulties you usually encounter with your online documents, such as a PDF file, is by using an online platform that offers online tools that will help you during your online documents needs. 

These online tools will help you solve most of your problems in organizing, optimizing, viewing, and editing, and adding security to your online documents. In this article, we will be discussing one of the most needed online tools that you should know, especially if you are handing PDF files daily.

Unlocking PDF File with GogoPDF

One of the most utilized online tools that their platform offers is removing the encrypted password from your PDF file. The online tool you will need to remove the encrypted password from your PDF file is the PDF unlock, which you can find from their homepage and numerous online tools that offer various solutions to your document needs.

This kind of online tool is necessary to have whenever you are having difficulties and investing too much time and effort in accessing through your multiple PDF files. It can be irritating and inconvenient every time you type in the password of a particular PDF file. Hence, removing them can help your document activities be more convenient.

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It is also problematic to remember a lot of passwords simultaneously, which leads you to the solution of writing it down on a piece of paper. However, this kind of solution can also lead you to another problem: you might misplace the paper or expose all your PDF file security if someone found your list of passwords.

You should never forget that you should only be putting encrypted passwords into your PDF file only if it is essential or has confidential information. Every time you place an encrypted password in your PDF file, it makes it a private document that limits the number of individuals who can access your document.

How to Use The Unlock PDF Online Tool

If you want to have a convenient experience as you remove encrypted passwords from your PDF file, using GogoPDF is one way to do it. All of the things you should prepare are your device with the PDF file in its storage and a stable internet connection. Once you have those three things and are ready to begin, find and click the PDF unlock online tool from their homepage.

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You will be transferred to a new web page to start removing the encrypted password from your PDF file. If this is your first time or you are not familiar with using an online converter tool. You can simply follow the comprehensive step-by-step instructions that can be found within the online tool’s web page. Here is an example of what it may look like from their website.

  • Select the PDF file from your computer or from the device that you are using. You will need to upload your PDF file into their system by clicking on your PDF file or using the unique alternative way of dragging and dropping it into the allotted upload box.
  • GogoPDF will begin its process of removing the encrypted password from your PDF file. This will entirely remove the password in your PDF file, making it public and accessible to everyone that has a link to your PDF file.
  • You will need to wait for the conversion process of your PDF file to be completed. The conversion process usually takes about a minute or more which depends on the reliability of your internet connection.
  • Once the conversion process is completed, your new PDF file can now be open without typing in a password. You can also download the latest PDF file into your storage or share it with anyone by sending them the URL that GogoPDF provides.
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Important Note

If you want to remove an encrypted password from a PDF file, you should also know its password. It is somehow close to impossible for you to remove an encrypted password from a PDF file that you don’t know its current password in the first place.


Every online tool that GogoPDF offers to the public has its way of making a PDF file better. However, it will entirely change the PDF file itself, which might be a troublesome experience if you’re using an online tool with a different function than your needs. Always make sure that you are using the right online tool for your PDF files.

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