Best Apps to Buy Bitcoin in India


Cryptocurrency has been on the market for some time and now is more present than ever. As the digital world grows all around the globe, the usage of these coins will increase more and more. For exchanging their new money, people tend to buy the newest technology in the smartphone department, so that the best apps for cryptocurrency work flawlessly. 

These apps are so intuitive, that their security in any crypto trade is well-known. They also help the users to trade and invest, to make a bigger profit. Reaching worldwide recognition, India has also people interested in cryptocurrency. The sudden surge in investing in crypto has started from the already popular Bitcoin. But it didn’t stop at this one. On the market, there are more than 100 other coins. The most notable ones are DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, and Ripple. 

If you want to have the best interaction with crypto, we prepared a list with a top of the best apps for crypto in India. Aside from tight security and safety, you’ll have a wide variety of coins to choose from. That you’ll keep a diverse and profitable portfolio inside your phone.



If you’ve finished all the free spins in online casinos and won, you may wanna try to invest in crypto. You can opt for WazirX, one of the best Indian crypto apps. WazirX is the most famous crypto trading app in India, and one of the most popular ones in the whole world. Its fame rose to the top when Binance bought WazirX and made it so much easier for the users. In this crypto app, spot trading is now better. You can buy more than 100 cryptocurrencies instantly, with support for UPI. The UI is much easier to use and understand than ever.

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For instant deposits and withdrawals, you can do it via an IMPS, P2P, or UPI. Also, for Indian currency, the liquidity is at its highest in WazirX. The referral commission without any limit is up to 20%, making it the highest on the market.

Its new features like TradingView and chart trading will help you keep track of your purchases, making your life easier. This app is a good assistant and wallet for your crypto coins and can be found on both iOS and Android Platforms.


Binance is the most popular app in India for buying cryptocurrencies. Its strongest point is the sleek design, made by the best UI designers to give you an effortless experience. For starters, Binance is the best app to start your journey in crypto trading. If you are a more experienced user, Binance also has market orders and limit orders available for you.

For this wide range of alternative available cryptocurrencies, Binance is here to offer you a great experience with its in-app features. All the real-time data and information in Binance will also ensure you that the reports are real and not outdated.

Zebpay Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Zebpay Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange is a very popular app for crypto in India because it’s the oldest in its market. Initially, Zebpay was created to help India make investments in Bitcoin or other crypto coins. With an easy-to-understand design, this app will declutter all the information and organize your reports.

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For you to start buying crypto in Zebpay, you only need to download the app, create an account and finish the KYC process. By doing these three steps, you’ll be able to add funds into your app wallet and start investing in your favorite crypto coins.

If you want to have access to premium features like professional charting tools, you can always opt for the premium version of Zebpay. Not only that, but also you will be able to manage all the stats on a single screen. Being on the market since 2015, the developers of Zebpay will offer you one of the best experiences with cryptocurrency.

CoinDCX Go

CoinDCX Go is dedicated to calculated users, who don’t want to invest in all of the coins of the volatile crypto market. Offering a limited amount of top cryptocurrencies, this app will help you invest in a limited manner so that the risk of losing money is minimum. The user interface is very interactive so that it will help new customers to acquire this vast domain. 

Deposits and withdrawals are safely made through this app, security being an important feature for CoinDCX Go. For an in-app investment, you can add any amount of money, starting from Rs. 100. But if your invested amount is higher than Rs. 10,000, the app will require a KYC process, which will be subsequently approved.

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If you want the easiest and friendliest user interface on the market, CoinSwitch is the right choice for you. Perfect for beginners in cryptocurrency, this app will simplify all the boring processes for you. For a little investment of Rs. 100, you can trade various coins, like Ripple, Shiba Inu, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. Having a portfolio with over 100 cryptocurrencies, CoinSwitch will become your favorite crypto wallet.

Apart from instant deposits, CoinSwitch also supports instant withdrawals. The first and most important thing is the KYC process, which once passed, will let you start trading. Being flexible and intuitive, CoinSwitch will help newbies not get stuck in the trading process all day. Another important feature is prompt customer support, that will come in handy when having problems with cryptocurrency in India.


The cryptocurrencies market is ever-growing, even in India. For this reason alone, if you want to make a stable profit from it, you’ll need an app that will suit your needs best. Witing for banks to include these coins might take a while, but until then, these apps will keep your investments safe. Even if it looks like a simple user interface for a trading app, the future is now. The digital marketplace will never stop evolving and so, the adoption of cryptocurrencies will be mandatory over time.

Whether you choose WazirX or CoinSwitch, all these apps described in the article are reliable solutions for trading cryptocurrencies in India.

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