4 Steps to Restore or Repair Corrupted PDF Files With PDFBear

repair pdf file

PDF is a type of file format that displays the entire document in one pattern. PDF is the most universally used file format, and it can hold a lot of data and information while still being stable. Your PDF file, however, becomes corrupted and unavailable at times, resulting in data loss. Fortunately, using the proper approaches and techniques, this issue can be resolved.

With that, you can make full use of PDFBear’s PDF repair kit in repairing any damaged or corrupted PDF files. You can be confident that PDFBear will do everything in its power to recover and restore the file. So, below are some repair methods for damaged PDF files. Let’s take a look at the methods for fixing your damaged PDF files and learn more about them.

Signs and Causes of PDF Files Being Corrupted or Damaged

When PDF files are damaged, they can show a set of signs. The documents can, for instance, become unattainable and or difficult to access. The file will open at other times, but the pages will be blank. There’s a good chance that your PDF file is corrupt if you can’t open it. With that, it is advisable to look for solutions for you to successfully and effortlessly use a Repair PDF File tool.

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to double-check that this action isn’t caused by anything else, like software with malware or a broken device. As a result, try opening other PDF files to see if they behave similarly to the corrupt ones. If some of the documents are unaffected, this means that your intended file is corrupted. In this case, try the steps below:

  • transform the PDF document to a different file format type
  • try opening your documents with other software
  • restore your PDF documents from backup files 
  • make use of  PDFBear’s Repair PDF feature

How to Use PDFBear to Repair and Recover Corrupted PDF Files

First and foremost, it is critical to understand and practice the method of restoring a corrupted or damaged PDF document file. PDFBear, thankfully, does not employ a time-consuming, complex, and difficult-to-understand repair method. You will not be perplexed or require a manual. PDFBear has a four-step process for repairing corrupted files.

  1. First, to fix a PDF document, go to the website and select “Repair PDF” from the services specified on the PDFBear homepage. After that, pick out the PDF file to be fixed. You can directly import from your computer or a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Once the file is already forwarded to the server, the tool will scan it and begin the repair process automatically. All you have to do now is wait for the repairs to be completed. The PDF file size determines the pace, but it should not take more than two minutes to finish.
  3. You’ll be able to share the file now that it’s done. There are two methods for doing so. To begin, you can share the PDF copies via email. Alternatively, you can copy the unique link that the website generates for you and share it with other people via any social media platform.
  4. The next step is to download the file as soon as possible. You will have one hour to download the PDF from the server. For your convenience, the website will automatically delete the file after the timeline has passed.
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Easy & Automated Single Click Repair

For users who want to try to recover their files using this PDF repair tool, PDFBear guarantees an easy-to-follow procedure. The four-step repair procedure outlined above can be completed in as little as a few clicks. You can trust PDFBear to handle the whole repair process on your behalf. Simply upload a corrupted PDF, and PDFBear will instantly restore and patch it.

Secure Digital User’s Uploads

The PDFBear repair kit’s ability to make your uploads secure is one of its best features. PDFBear will delete every file you have on its website after sixty minutes or one hour. It will permanently remove all of the files you have forwarded to the internet. It’s to ensure that no one can get their hands on your PDF files and use them without your permission.

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PDFBear’s web-based service extracts information from damaged PDF documents and restores them to a functional state. Additionally, since PDFs can be repaired with a single click, this takes just a few minutes to complete. It’s never been easier to patch a PDF than with PDFBear.

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